Awwwww Hamas sent rockets to remind us with their sirens that it is officially Shabbat! That’s so kind of them <33333333

Time to ignore this situation & move on with my life! Too many tears, too much bloodshed, not enough sleeping. Kissing my emotions goodbye until this operation is over, and I’ll be using & abusing the freedom our brave soldiers are giving us. :-*

at this point I think 15 days into the operation and I am so mentally exhausted…sleepless nights, checking the news, refresh, refresh, repeat, trying to take care of the fiance for the small amount of time he gets to come home, having the sirens interrupt my mornings, afternoons, evenings, night time, having to run to the shelters, hearing the explosions, checking the news is a thing i seem to do, then i refresh it by the way, the constant family whatsapp group texts “אנחנו בסדר”, seeing the same propaganda from both sides, listening to the same catch phrases over and over, remember that whole news thing, refresh, learning new names of soldiers and civilians dying, by the way have i mentioned i have final exams because thats fun too, sleeping in the night time is not this thing i do anymore but breakfast at 3pm is actually fun so maybe thats positive….wasn’t I in NY like 10 minutes ago? and Turkey like two minutes ago? this whole past month ish has felt like some sort of alternative reality (maybe thats due to lack of sleep) and if you actually took the time to read this then pshhhhh you deserve a cookie or at least some good cereal. and….on top of all of these really fun feelings that i can’t help myself from feeling……i get overwhelmed and grossed out by my complaints when i think about what our boys are doing down there. and about the lost soldiers. and about the wounded soldiers being taken care of down the street from my apartment. so at least there is a heart there. /endrant

did i mention something about the news btw

I think the best way to describe my feelings right now would be if you tried to eat a doorknob fried with smoked garlic and a glass of room temperature grape juice. that about sums it up