Have any of you read ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ and would you recommend it?

so somehow I missed that whole subject in primary school when we were supposed to learn the geography of the US and I am currently trying to take matters into my own hands by teaching & studying & quizzing myself and these are the thoughts that run through my head:

  • Idaho since when are you not in the midwest and since when do you share a border with Canada
  • Minnesota, same thing to you.
  • and since when is Mississippi that far down south?
  • I strongly feel like good could come out of Vermont and New Hampshire forming and alliance into one perfectly rectangular state
  • Connecticut is that small? 
  • Puerto Rico isn’t a state?
  • what in fact is so new about New Mexico?
  • Oklahoma looks like a pot and Tennessee looks like a frustratingly sharpened pencil
  • who is Dakota

I probably fit into every pompous New Yorker stereotype about not knowing anything about US geography besides California/Florida/Texas but seriously, all of this stuff is shocking to me.

(Source: its-nought-real)